Sunday, March 09, 2014

Project Make-A-Dent: Part I

Hello lovelies! Today's post is inspired by Lola's Secret Beauty Blog, who has been writing about her "Project Make A Dent" series since October now. You can read her post and rules for the project here. I've been following her posts, and loving the point of the project: use what you love! While I'm nowhere near addict-level, my collection of lippies is a bit over-the-top with over twenty lip products in my collection. The points of Project Make-A-Dent are simple: 1) use what you have, 2) save your money and spend wisely, 3) think about what you purchase. These are all very important, especially as I am a grad student on a budget and I have recently found myself picking up lip products haphazardly without realizing that I'm doing it. I don't need another lipstick!

Another dimension I would like to add to Lola's original project is that of hygiene and makeup safety. We often buy so many products which we refuse to throw away, leaving us with dangerous chemicals on our lips, eyes and face, which should have been thrown away months ago. Buying within your means can help reduce using items past their expiration date, so to speak. Although makeup guidelines are iffy, I've had some of these lips products for at least two years now. I've done some digging and two years is about the point where you should start to pay attention to your lipsticks. Make sure the smell, color, and consistency haven't changed. If they have, especially if the lipstick starts to smell waxy, it's probably time to send that puppy to the makeup graveyard. I picked my five oldest lip products for my first Project Make A Dent, not only in an effort to use up products that I obviously love, but to make sure I'm using up products in a timely manner. I'm actually quite happy with the selection. Though veering towards the bright pink side of things, this gives me at least one red, a neutral pink, a brown-ish pink, and some brights to work with. These are all great colors heading into spring. Just a tip: all of these products (except gloss and the lipsticks with glitter) can double as a cheek tint, another great way to get multiple uses from cream-based products!

My lipstick picks...why do lipsticks have such long names? Whyyyy?

So here are the rules for my version of Project Make-A-Dent:
1) Products must be at the forefront of makeup stash to encourage usage (check!)
2) Products must be the oldest products in makeup collection (check!)
3) No spending ban, but it's highly encouraged that I follow the one-in-one-out policy during the project
4) Update on progress monthly
5) Have fun!

I'm really excited to be doing this project, as I've rediscovered some lipstick gems that I've shoved to the back of my collection. Are you doing Project Make-A-Dent? If you are, be sure to follow @lolassecret and myself at @lovinswoonful and use the hashtag #projectmakeadent!

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