Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Empties #4: Oops and Ahhs

Hello all! I thought I would write a quick review of some products I have used up recently. So, without further ado, from left to right clockwise: 

1) Colgate Max White One Sensational Mint Alcohol Free Mouthwash
Man, this year I feel like I've gone through mouthwash like crazy, whereas in the past I've hardly touched the stuff. This was nice, not much else to say!

2) Twining's Chamomile & Spiced Apple Herbal Tea
This was my fall/winter tea that I finally just used up. I wanted something that was like a spiced apple cider, but had some tea benefits as well since packet cider is usually just sugar and flavoring. This was a lovely tea that had a mild taste with a strong smell of a hot apple cider. Highly suggested if you're in the mood for autumn drinks! However, the tea did get dusty and powdery as I got to the end of the box, but I guess that's standard. 

3 ) Lady Gaga Fame Body Lotion
I got my mother this fragrance because it actually suits her really well. The set came with lotion and shower gel but my mom doesn't really use heavily scented shower gels or lotions so she passed them on to me. I was happy with the scent. This was my go-to lotion when I needed something light that would sink in quickly. The black color of the lotion does fade away as you rub it into the skin and it leaves a nice smell behind. 

4) The Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
This is my "oops" of the bunch. I went in to The Body Shop in September to buy the waterproof dual-phase version of this product, which I had used and been very happy with back in the United States. However, the store didn't have any on display so I assumed this would be similar. IT IS NOT. I still used up the whole thing because that's how I am, but it was AWFUL. The good things about the waterproof version are that it's gentle, hydrating on the skin around the eyes, and didn't sting my eyes. Most things will sting my eyes as they are very sensitive, so finding something that didn't was a miracle. This gentle eye makeup remover is not gentle. It's drying and kind of soapy, tugs on the skin, doesn't remove all eye makeup and really stung my eyes.

5) Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara in 01 Noir
This is a little sample size of the mascara that I got in a Christmas sample pack. It was a very nice mascara that I was impressed with at the beginning. The wand was great and the formula is amazing. I prefer a small, plastic wand as my eye is small and it's easier to use. I also like a wet formula because dry ones can get clumpy on me very easily. This ticked all the boxes until the formula became too dry. I'm not sure I would repurchase because it's out of my price range, but it was so nice to use. 

6) LUSH Flying Fox Shower Gel
This was my first ever LUSH purchase ages ago. I loved the scent at the beginning, but by the end it had become a bit too sickly sweet. I do love the sexy smell that it has and I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure I would repurchase because it is a bit more expensive than I would like, especially in the States. 

Alright, that's it for my quick empties post! I probably won't be repurchasing these items anytime soon and definitely won't repurchase The Body Shop eye makeup remover, but I hope you enjoy the reviews regardless. 

Have you finally used up any fall and winter products? Let me know in the comments!

- xoxo, Kelsey

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