Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Empties #5: Spring Face and Body Products

Another empties post? Yeah! I have to move out in two months and I'm frantically trying to use up all of my products. I feel so anxious already staring at my stash of stuff. Anyone else start to feel crazy when moving out is on the horizon? Holla. 

Anyways, let's go through some reviews of the stuff I've used up!

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 3-in-1 Deep Purifying Cleanser
Yes, there's still a little bit of stuff there. I'll explain. So I got this cleanser because I had seen many good reviews. I have enlarged pores and blackheads and had never used a targeted cleanser before. I thought that the milky consistency would be good for my skin. It even says "for all skin types". However, I have sensitive skin and the HEAVY fragrance of peach and citrus irritated my skin. It was also very tingly, which I thought meant it was working. However, once I used this as hand soap in a pinch and it MAJORLY stung my hands. That shouldn't happen. What you put on your face should be safe enough to use on your hands, which are tougher than your face anyway. I also noticed no difference and a bit more breakouts while using this product, which seems to be a problem for other people too. I honestly just ended up using it as washing up liquid for my dishes and mixed in the end of a hand-soap until the soap wouldn't come through the pump anymore. 

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover (Travel Size)
I purchased this whilst traveling over Christmas. I liked it a lot better than The Body Shop Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, but it still had a soapy consistency and did sting my eyes near the end of its use. I prefer an oil-based eye makeup remover due to my sensitive eyes. However, this did work amazingly at getting off waterproof makeup. I'd totally recommend it if you don't usually get stingy eyes! I won't be repurchasing, as I have a Christmas purchase to work through and then I will be purchasing dual-phase eye makeup removers.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter (Mini)
AMAZING. That's all I have to say about this. I love how each scent of the body butter's have their own consistency. I've used the Chocomania scent, which was slightly hard and balmy, the Honeymania scent, which was a bit more on the whipped side, and this one, which was almost like an amazing smooth Greek-yogurt-y consistency. I absolutely love the smell and it was so moisturizing. I will definitely be repurchasing in the future. I think it's perfect for early spring. Now that I'm in summer I'm using the Papaya tropical scent.

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Honey Crisp Apple Hand and Body Cream
I absolutely love this! I'm so glad that BBW introduced apple scents year round, as so many people crave their Winter Candy Apple scent all year long. I really like the idea of the fresh-picked line at BBW. A lot of their products are complex fragrances and I like that they're taking the one-note idea from The Body Shop to appeal to a wider audience. I also happen to really love this product. I didn't use it so much as a hand cream as much as a rich body cream. It is almost like whipped frosting in consistency. It's definitely thick but there's something light about it that sinks in quicker than body butters. If you can find it on a deal, I would recommend it! I might repurchase but have so many lotions to work through at the moment. 

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner 
This was a pretty average toner. I was looking for a gentle, hydrating, soothing toner to use before my moisturizer and saw the "soothing", the cheap price tag, and picked it up. However, if you look in the first seven ingredients there are no soothing agents such as glycerin. Panthenol is actually the third ingredient. While not harmful and a Vitamin B5 derivative, it is also an alcohol. An alcohol-based toner is not going to be soothing! I didn't found that this did much to my skin other than take off a bit of extra makeup that my cleanser wasn't getting, which isn't the point of toner. I won't be repurchasing in favor of a glycerin-based toner. Takeaway: always check the ingredients, labels can be misleading!!

Philosophy Time in a Bottle
I'm not really sure if this little sample drastically changed my skin or not. Serum samples that make big claims are difficult. Since I don't have massive problems with wrinkles but I do have some and some scars and redness, I thought this would be good. It didn't break me out. I don't know, I can't justify the price but I would have to test the product for a longer period of time to see if it drastically changed my skin.

Matriskin Technology Vitamin C 5% Serum
Again, I'm not sure if this did anything good for my skin, but I did like using it. It is supposed to work to brighten the skin and fade scars, like most Vitamin C products do. I have replaced this with a glycolic serum and I feel like it's doing more for my skin than this did. Again, this is a high price item that I received in a beauty box so I'm not sure that I would repurchase.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you like a good empties post? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Kels

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