Friday, May 09, 2014

DIY: Mother's Day Gift Wrap

Hey loves! Do you have a mom, grandma, aunt, or lady-figure you want to celebrate on Mother's Day? I know I do. My mom is my absolute best friend. I don't know what I'd do without her and I'm gutted I can't spend Mama's Day with her this year. I thought I would share a lovely gift wrap idea with you all in the meantime and in honor of Mother's Day. 

I found this style of gift wrapping for my Nana's birthday when I couldn't find any gift bags and didn't have time to wrap a present. What I could find was this adorable green flower pot. Go figure. I'm all for getting your favorite ladies the best money can buy, but even if all you put in the pot (or bag..or get where I'm going here) is lotion and candy, they're going to love it if you put a little extra effort to make it magical. And don't forget the card! 

For this project you'll need: 

A flower pot
Your gift of choice
Tissue paper (white, colorful, newspaper, whatever suits your style!)
Ribbon (again, you get to choose the colors here! You could even use washi or duct tape to decorate the side of the pot)


1) Find a suitable pot to put your gift in, make sure your gift can fit inside without showing too much. Whether it's a clay pot, a plastic pot, or a metal tin pot it will still look adorable. 

2) Take some tissue paper, scrunch it up, and put it in the bottom of the pot to cushion your gift. I put the tissue you care least about in here, because the only function of this paper is to prevent jangling noises and breakage. 

3) Place your gift in the center of the pot. 

4) Lay out a piece of tissue paper flat, find the center, and create a cone-shape from the tissue. You should have a pointed end and a ruffly end (the ruffly end is sticking out from the top of the pot in the picture above). 

5) Poke the pointed end of your tissue-ruffle-cone into the bottom of the pot around your gift. Repeat until the gift is completely surrounded and you can't see it. Zhoosh as needed to cover the gift and make sure the ruffles are suitable to your tastes. The goal is to make it fluffy, almost like cotton candy. 

6) Take your ribbon, washi tape, or duct tape of choice and about 1-1.5 inches down from the top of the pot tie your ribbon or create a circle of tape. This will dress up the gift and make it a little more personalized. I tied a simple bow-ribbon, but you can get as fancy as you like. 

Optional: I placed some of my Nana's favorite suckers (Sugar Daddy's in case you were wondering) in the tissue paper to look like flowers poking up. You could add candy or something else fun. You could also create pinwheels or tissue flowers to keep with the flower theme.
Tips: Get creative! It's important to have fun with the gift and not worry about perfection. They are going to love it no matter what and destroy the tissue paper anyway ;) 

I hope you enjoyed this quick little gift DIY! I think it would be great for any occasion, but especially Mother's Day. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more DIYs in the future! 

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